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Said i was empty, why you shaking me?

Have just got back from seeing the new folk implosion for a second time. Wow. They RULE man, amazing. Played lots of new stuff as usual with the odd oldie thrown in too.
I was singing along to virtually every word of the alaska! set and then n.f.i when they came on. Got right down the front in front of Lou and had some banter with him, all good. He even played No Need To Worry at my request, wow. How amazing is that?
After they finished i went back stage and got my poster signed by the band. The drummer from alaska! had noticed that i was singing along to everything and it was really kewl that they'd notice something like that, though not as kewl as having someone sing along to your songs. Lou Barlow rules man
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Man... I am jealous! :)

it's quite an achievement, he rules
cool :)

do you like their new stuff? (like the newest album I guess) I've heard mixed reviews..
the new folk implosion? I think it's really amazing. Fused and Releast (his spelling mistake, not mine) are real stand-outs. The rest is really good too. Do you own a copy? If not you should!!
I don't, but maybe I will look into getting one :)

What other bands do you like?

i highly recommend it.
List of bands on my profile. I'm mostly into punk and metal but Sebadoh are my second favourite of all time, f.i. are about 5th.
What about you?