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and then the calender hung itself.....

oh happy day...folk implosion fans...not quite sure how i came about finding this community, but i certainly am happy about it. who exaclt was it that started it? im curious to know.
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Hey, welcome aboard!! I don't remember if it was Azzacanth that started this? I think so... :)

Yep, it was me that started it, and so far you're the second member that didn't previously know me! Do you have any suggestions on what I can add to the "interests" list to help more people find it? Or how I can publicize it? Cause I'm really clueless about having a community...... lol
hmm, im not really sure about how to publisize, i know that isnt a help at all....but if i think of anything i will let you just really glad that you started this, do they have an offical website or anything?
Well I think is it, but it looks like it's being run by one of the artists and is in a state of non-completion right now o.O ... in other words, he's got a couple links up but they just go to explanations of what WILL be there rather than any real content. Ahhh well.. I guess you can pop over to Google and do a search on them if you're looking for information??